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Press Fits.

Think of your business as a big tool chest. You have to work smarter every day to fill it with the right products, the right tools and the right people for every job. When making reliable HVAC pipe connections, press fitting technology belongs in your tool chest. With greater efficiency, consistency and safety at every connection, press technology is the next tool of the trade and a perfect fit for greater productivity.

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It's fast.

Press fitting installation is 60% faster than brazing. With no need for heavy brazing equipment and processes, press connections can be completed in 10 seconds or less.

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Boost Productivity and Profit

With 60% faster connections the time savings really add up. Less labor and less material boosts your productivity and profitability.

Get Reliable Connections In 10 Seconds

Tubing prep is similar to brazing, but the press tool does the connection work in just seconds offering a comparable and permanent mechanical connection.

It's durable.

With millions of connections already in service worldwide, press fitting is a proven technology. This precision-engineered process ensures consistent quality at every joint. And unlike brazing, each connection is backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

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Trust in a Proven Technology

When you choose Press Fittings tested and proven to meet the demands of high-pressure systems you get perfectly clean joints, less callbacks and rework.

Benefit From Consistent Quality

Press Fittings are installed with a tool and jaw, virtually eliminating the chance of human error and resulting in consistent, repeatable connections every time.

It's safe.

Press technology is flameless and eliminates the need for on-site fire safety teams, flame precautions and permits required when using a torch. All of which add people, time and cost to the bottom line.

  • flames
  • fire spotters
  • hot work permits
  • nitrogen purging
  • brazing equipment

Eliminate Fire Safety Teams

Press Fittings never require the use of an open flame, which eliminates a source of hazards when working in tight areas or near flammable materials.

Keep it Simple and Safe

It’s not just eliminating fire spotters and permits, not brazing means there is no need to nitrogen purge and no need transport gas and other equipment to the job site.

A fit for any job

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I switched to this technology for multiple reasons. The main reason was the VRF and needing a fast reliable way to connect many joints and flares. Also, this product has improved my install time and service call back time.

- Ryan O’Grady

The amount of time we save and the security of knowing we can press fittings, as well as not have to purge nitrogen constantly when piping is priceless.

- Robert Swieconek

Using press fittings is a just a time saver for us and trying to execute jobs in the middle of summertime rush where everyone needs us, time is everything, so we focus on being efficient and the RLS fittings allow us to get that efficiency.

- Alex Bishoff

In tight attic spaces, and retrofit applications RLS is the best solution.

- Lutz Heating & Cooling

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Let's Talk.

Interested in learning how press can fit into your business?

Sales and Support: